Megabit Shemonte I∆

Chiming in. I suppose in this “ms yeHwatt abb Hade bota: Ab mongo Eilal tSeweta” Hade Awel KalAyyti finjall bunn Abrehet anquiHatini behalayy iye ane. Ab Seleste ahadu iyya temequila Botolina. Our battalion was split into Three companies.
On the occasion of Semonte Megabit, March 8thm and Eritrean Womens Association (Ha.Ma.De.A) 2^3=a BIT food for thought —
Feta Cheese, Simsim TTAHini, Fava Beans, darga kitcha Fitfit or GeAAtt Tesmi continuously WeiniHareg was essentially our Chief Megabit. The Battalion, in total, was more like scaled down by a third of the lower range.

“Battalion: Consists of 4-6 companies and can include up to about 1,000 soldiers. Commanded by a lieutenant colonel. Brigade: Consists of a few battalions and anywhere from 3,000-5,000 soldiers.May 17, 2017”

And the lieutenant colonels were ZerEizgi, Fasil, and Zena. Seventeen, WeiniHareg, Jemal and Awet amongst us were The K-Telata Battalion first arrivals and founders. Jiref GelAA and SheTTA, Medeni, Gedaref, Port Sudan and Kessela were distributed the battalions that made up the Brigade. …. WaEla HadiQa K-Telata consisted of a joint KokhobtSibaH&The Red Roses. Represented by a dozen to a dozen and a half each. Simple arithmetic or extrapolation we can all agree on the educated guess of Two Brigades for a total of 10K.

“Kemm gele kblu bshimki Handebet mss alAlukhi, Senbidu libeyy berrerre, Nayy Qedem tSota zekire…” Y.Barya.G

The Third aHadu/Company was lead by MbraQQ who migrated to Minnesota. Martyred WeiniHareg and MbraQ were Twins much like Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Speaking of The Saint, Professor Denmarkino my friend Paul could possibly utilize the “pedantic” descriptive word of the Segway to Nahom Habtom. NiOoOum Habomm. I noticed you misspelled “Natom” as Natom. Hence, Finjal bunn Jinhibil Abrehet Haftna anquiHatini.

Twin Engines TWA, Lionel Richies “You are the son, you are the rain, you need to know I love you so…” looped X times squared it seems. Possibly the first full American phrase tSAtSE memorized. The Third mine… In ’78 10 K, In ’67 5K, in 2017 40K with compounding effect. I can attest to you that in 1978, 17 grew ti some klte Siso of ShiH zrebho Telata. From 1978 to 1981 continuously they did return to Hagere Eritrea as well as continuously we did migrate to the West. in 1981 Jemal, Awet, and WeiniHareg did join Hzbawi Hailitat a n d Amanuel Haw Musie Berhe and many many more…Ashera Sneinn Qeble WaHid wa TisEinn. As for … tSAtSE …welllllll The Airlines, Ethiopian and El Al are depicted on the next article on this Awate Global…
Natom Habom, reminds me of the ChiriHo “Natna aynihibn zeyy natna aynidelinn”
Just Chiming in … onward to the Gains and Losses

kilte Siso Susa’s alata 17//#####\\18 Trusses bridGing TRUST.

WitSuE, tSiQuTT, tSAtSE.. TerTarr AAkat Gorgurr Arkobkobay Aerodynamics Handesa… Cheretta mezgib Qalat.

Abbu Ashera Weapon X – Evolution.
AmEritrean GitSAtSE A40||A40 AcresMule

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