The Coo-coo for Zimbabwe’s

AyQebaH Ay BaH –

Response to Admiral’s Command

Ay Ay Admiral Sa^2yVII,

The Egyptians are right. “grounded” is an excellent and mater factly happens to be closer to the truth not only for yourself, yours truly but also for all humans. Though humans are capable to fly machines, no human, in reality, utilizing only his/her/its physiology. ….
(the following three dot sequence I am utilizing to indicate to you that I am have skipped pages or chapters if not an entire book…)

Now that I have your attention with the fib #1 as in telling “a lie, typically unimportant one”, a fortuitous gain is the more important Fib#2. An “accidental discovery” or group dynamics though you may attribute it to with Egyptian or Texan’ sayings, all the while your right eyebrow is raised while your left brow and lashes are squinting signifying even more focus.

Admiral Saay7, as I have stated to the Eritrean gitSAtSE Ayya Ismael AA, I am duty bound to comply with your directives while I transmit to you all the corrective measures for your consideration to implementing. as you are the Chief Commander and the Admiral of our entire Merakhibna Fleet, any and all corrective measures I must transmit with my patented M.O., for the obvious reason which is, per my duty, to ensure your Top command and leadership is not be challenged so that your directives are respected and followed by the rank and file.
And so I will connect Fib#2 “…pasta” and draw the attention of the readers to your wisdom in arriving at 1. Egypt with the saying 2. Humans abilities to fly
A) Our resident Eri gitSAtSE Ayya Ismail AA will remind you, above Nebuchadnezzar’s Hanging Gardens of Babylon, ranked second to The Colossus of Rhodes is The Great Pyramid of Giza. I suspect Admiral Sa^2yVII, (more like theorizing, calculating and en route to proving), what we refer to now as Fibonacci numbers, is behind the geometrical design of the Great Pyramid of Giza. And man’s ability of flying, telekinetically lifting his and her body is perhaps a great secret painstakingly hidden/buried with the intricate tools of what we know now as Fibonacci. No not a pasta as is not string theory in quantum physics.
Yes, Dear Admiral Sa^2yVII, you are not wrong to say “grounded” and mention Egypt which is the location of the 2nd of VII Wonders of the World. The EEinaib of the IIIrd World Wonder, Eritrean gitSAtSE Ayya IsmaelAA EEyunn would be when I write it as II V II – 2nd of SEVENth. Admiral Sa^2yVII, I am quite sure sees II V II as the “Live Long and Prosper” salute from his #1 Captain – V AmEritrean GitSAtSE

b) _* 1, 11, 111, 11111 or 0*, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, … 377 are the first 13 Fibonacci sequence. Just look any of the four faces of the pyramid….

Now that I am hopeful to have clarified fib#1 and fib#2, I will return to my post to complete the project you have delegated to your trusted subordinate Captain gitSAtSE.

This maintaining of a strong STAND on X + VII behind my earlier statement, “WRONG and while “not wrong” to General iSEM (= “Ay QebaH”) and you Admiral Sa^2yVII is only a testament the honorable with full integrity discharge of my duty as Captain which you have entrusted me with confidence. To tell you are the WRONG Admiral without fear out of the respect, confidence and high regard I believe you to be the Admiral of Merakhibna. To do otherwise would be a dereliction of duty.

And so I leave with the assurance that AmErigitSAtSE will comply with the directive of disclosing the frequency of broadcasting in lesser time than,
the iSEM(=Ay QebaH), Berhe Y(=”Light way”) and the Admiral account analytically without a FIB, yes as in fib#1, for the purposes of unconfusing, as Ayya Ismail AA put it , the “Sailors and Seafarers passengers on the ship” the connection to these TWO:

1. The World Health Organization, WHO’s comic relief short weekend sitcom with the cast of Mugabe of Zimbabwe and WHO’s chair and Dr. Tedros of Ethiopia
2. “parents told little white fibs about out-of-wedlock births” in the Eritrean context as was recently AMPED up, the Eritrean-Ethiopian context, as well as the Pan-Africanism context.

No no Atto Berhe Y, please reconsider as to whom “SHOULD GROW UP!” as well as identify with integrity who is speaking HYPE and who is self-denigrating.

I assure you IT AIN’T Dr. Dre… and CERTAINLY not Amari 2PAC Shakur–with all due respect, Emancipate You from mental slavery, SIR!

I will not get all self-righteous and say “up until now I was merely baby bottle feeding those who knowingly and or unknowingly continue to contribute to OUR ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT while calling us ‘overgrown babies’ and STUPID.”
I demand a public apology from you Berhe Y– OR NOT, for it has always been, as it will be evident in the soon to be disclosed “broadcasting frequency”, nothing but a small thing to a GITSATSE!

Abbu AAshera Weapon X – Evolution STAND on ’17!
AmEritrean GitSAtSE Azzilo40 Agnieya40 Acres and a Mule.

PS: more dynamic on the same frequency goes a long way. Gratuitous! Ay Ay Admiral Sa^2yVII
blink this is akin to the tip of the iceberg, as in the 1st I of the I, II, III, IIIII, IIIIIIII. i.e. 1st of the 7 wonders of the world which is The Colossus of Rhodes.. the problem man relying on his own understanding as opposed to relying with all his and her heart and soul a strong faith on God, could and will be explained scientifically utilising “Fibonacci sequence” — for beyond man’s and every creation in the whole wide universe, cause for your effarement is ZERO and Infinity. Carefully and SCIENTIFICALLY STUDY the above, consult with professor paulo denmarikino Arekey if you must, but know that your savior Jesus LOVES YOU!!! as I leave you with the following share from my class:
Proverbs 3:5-6King James Version (KJV)

5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

King James Version (KJV)

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